Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crocodile Byte?
Crocodile Byte™ is a popular show on which investors (or Crocodiles) hear pitches from business owners who want funding from them. In exchange for their money, the Crocodiles typically require a stake in the business, which is a percentage of ownership and a share of the profits.
What are the application criteria?

The key criteria are : -
a) At least 50% ownership of the company is owned by Sarawakian
b) Company must be LLP and/or SDN BHD
c) Must submit all necessary documents before the Closing Date

What do I need to prepare for this program?

You need to prepare a pitch deck as per the Sample Pitch Deck provided in the Application Form. Please bear in mind that the Sample Pitch Deck is only a guideline on the information needed and its flow. You have the liberty to design your pitch deck as you like.

Do I need to be based in Sarawak to apply for this program?

No. But you need to fly to the shooting location which is based in Kuching.

Where will the location of Crocodile Byte be?

To be confirmed.

What should I expect from this program?

You will be given a chance to pitch to selected investors (Crocodiles).

Who are the investors involved in this program?

The investors panel will consist of individuals from various industries.

Who is involved in the filming of Crocodile Byte?

Crocodile Byte™ is a program by Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation. The filming and broadcasting program partner is TVS, under Sarawak Media Group.

How long is the filming duration of Crocodile Byte?

The filming duration for each participant is 1 day. However, please expect at least 5 days commitment for the entire program.

What is the medium of language used during Crocodile Byte?

It will be in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

What is the cost of the program should my company be selected?

The program is fully funded by the Sarawak State Government hence it is free to attend for selected startups.

Do you have specific verticals that you focus on?

We are vertical agnostic. We look for tech startup founders who can execute, and in big markets. The sectors that we focus on include:

  • Tech startups
  • STEM
  • Social Enterprises
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Creatives
  • Artists and Artisans
  • F&B
What is the minimum equity ownership of the Sarawakian co-founder for the company to be eligible for the program?

The minimum equity of the Sarawakian co-founder is 51% to be eligible for the program.

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